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LUX 2 in colourful colours!

LUX 2 in new colours.

The popular LUX 2 rug is here in three new colourful colours; Leo, Dusty Apricot, and Petroleum. Nordic Knots collaborated with the Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary art, design and flower concept studio TABLEAU on creating artful and conceptual installations containing vivid flowers, modern decor, and the colourful LUX rugs.

TABLEAU works with flowers in an artistic and innovative manner. “We love working with flowers. Flowers are a necessity in everyday life” noted Julius Vaernes Iversen, founder and creative director of TABLEAU.

Similar to how flowers are essential in life, Nordic Knots believes that rugs are of equal fundamental importance to a home. Through the use of flowers, TABLEAU offered an unconventional way of inviting nature into the home and created a setting where flowers and the interior worked together in creating an impactful statement. The flowers were not merely present in the set design but were, together with the modern designs, active in enhancing the expression of the bold and rich colours of the rugs.

Photo: Michael Rygaard

LUX 2 in Petroleum
LUX 2 in Dusty Apricot

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