Size Guide

A home can be decorated in many different ways and there is no right or wrong. But we have illustrated the most common ways that we think looks beautiful in any home with any of our rugs. It helps to visualize how a rug will look in your room by measuring out the rug with painters tape on the floor, this will give you a sense for how it will feel. Sizing up is usually the right idea, you want the rug to help make the room feel bigger and create a beautiful foundation for the rest of your decor.

CENTER THE RUG - 170 cm x 240 cm

In a smaller living room you can create the feeling of more space by placing the furniture outside the rug with equal distance. Make sure the rug is at least as wide as the couch.

HALF ON, HALF OFF - 200 cm x 300 cm

With a slightly larger room put the front legs on top of the rug. It can be argued that not seeing the edge of the rug under or in front of the couch looks more elegant and considered. Here we recommend that the rug is approximately 20 cm wider than the couch on each side. That will look beautiful!

FURNITURE ON THE RUG - 250 cm x 350 cm

All furniture on the rug will give the room the most grand feeling. Make sure there is enough rug behind the couch. Any less than 15 cm might make the rug look too small.

THE CORNER - 300 cm x 400 cm

Corner sofas are best placed aligned with the corner of the rug. It will give you the room to play around with other pieces in a non symmetrical way.

FRAMING THE ROOM - 300 cm x 400 cm

This is great for larger areas and it really emphasizes a room by framing all the furniture. Make sure there is enough rug around all the pieces. We recommend at least 20 cm.

SMALL BEDROOM (QUEEN SIZE BED) - 170 cm x 240 cm

Place the rug at the bottom half in a smaller bedroom. With at least 90-120 cm from bed to edge of the rug you will have plenty of room to put your feet down. Keep in mind that a rug too small makes the bed look smaller.


Not into small bedrooms? Choose one or two sizes larger to give yourself even more rug around the bed. It even allows you to place a stool at the end of the bed. Chic!

LARGE BEDROOM - 250 cm x 350 cm

If your bedroom allows you to have a rug that covers all sides of the bed, place the rug along the headboard wall. Make then sure there is at least 60-90 cm from the foot of bed to the edge of the rug. Otherwise it will look like high water pants!

THE DINING ROOM - 200 cm x 300 cm

You should be able to pull out the dining chair without getting the legs caught on the edge of the rug. Allow 60-90 cm feet around the dining chairs when pulled out.

MEDIUM TABLE - 250 cm x 350 cm

Round tables or more square tables works beautifully with the 250x350 cm size.

LARGE TABLE - 300 cm x 400 cm

For the grand dining rooms the rug will most likely be generous on along the sides. However - this is better than having a rug too small!