Tomorrow’s Aesthetics: In Dialogue with Jessie Andrews

In the ever-evolving world of design, staying ahead of the curve requires a keen eye and a deep understanding of the nuanced interplay between form and function. In this blog series, we engage in conversations with our community, delving into perspectives on the design trends poised to define interiors in 2024.

From curated maximalism to her project ’Tase,’ step into the visionary world of Jessie Andrews—the first in our 2024 design trends series. Discover her forecast of curated maximalism, blending textured surfaces and clean lines. Uncover her design philosophy and the perfect integration of Nordic Knots rugs into her aesthetic.

What design trends do you predict will dominate interiors in 2024?

J: I see a lot curated maximalism. It’s all about textured. Lacquer. Polished woods. Giant vases. Single colored rooms built of different textures. Comfort meets curated. Darker walls and rugs. Wood with character that’s not distressed. Combining extremes like cold steel accent pieces or cabinets with weathered travertine and stone. Clean lines and muted tones with a single pop of color.

How do these trends align with your personal design philosophy?

J: My design philosophy is that you must feel good when you walk in the room or see an image of it, no matter what the style is. The spacing down to the millimeter can affect that. It’s the collaboration of architecture, styling, lighting and imagery that make it. I’m attracted to muted tones and soft light personally, I don’t want to walk into a room and something is yelling at me but I do think spaces need character. The older I get the more I collect, the busier my house gets and the more lived in it feels. With everything from objects, art, clothing, plates, chairs, food, marks, stains, etc. it’s a beautiful evolution to my aesthetic and really what makes the space feel organic.

Can you share a specific project or concept that embodies your 2024 design predictions?

J: The launch of my furniture line ‘Tase’ through Tase Gallery embodies my design aesthetic and predictions. Creating pieces that complement a space yet can stand alone as art. Lots of collaborations and community building, the sharing ideas and coming together. Working with younger artist and designers to create opportunity and space for us in the industry.

Jessie’s newly launched furniture line ’Tase’ displayed in her Los Angeles home.

What Nordic Knots rug would you pair with the envisioned trend, and why?

J: I could see any of the rugs in my space, in fact my homes are filled with NK rugs already. The quality and thought that goes into each design, photoshoot and collaboration sets the brand apart in the market. We’re working on a collaboration for this year that feels serendipitous. It’s a mix of trends coming together in new spaces, our vision for it is eclectic yet timeless.

A glimpse of what's coming this year – Tase x Nordic Knots.