Debuting Curtains at Waverly Inn in NYC

An intimate evening unfolds at the Waverley Inn in New York City as we celebrated the launch of Nordic Shade.

Elin Kling and Akari Endo-Gaut

Jane Keltner de Valle, Giancarlo Valle and Amy Astley.

Jessie Andrews

Liza Laserow and Asad Syrkett

Nordic Knots co-founders Liza Laserow and Fabian Berglund with Amy Astley

Fallon Nachmani and Dan Rubinstein

Ingrid Abramovitch and Sarah Medford

Jane Keltner de Valle, Kate Berry and Estelle Bailey-Babenzien

Fabian Berglund and Jessica Romm Perez

Magnus Berger and Giancarlo Valle

Nordic Knots co-founders Fabian Berglund and Liza Laserow

Bebe Howarth and Madeline O'Malley

Fallon Nachmani and Paula Luevano

Beverly Nguyen

Kristina O’Neill and Amy Astley