In a smaller living room, you can create a feeling of more space by placing the furniture outside the rug with equal distance. Make sure the rug is at least as wide as the sofa, and there isn’t too much distance between the furniture and coffee table. A rug which is 5'x8' or 6'x9' is well suited for this type of space.


For slightly larger living rooms, you can place the front feet of the sofa and armchairs on top of the rug. It can be argued that having the edge of the rug partly covered by the furniture creates a more elegant and unified look. Here we recommend that the rug is approximately 8” wider than the sofa on each side. Our 6'x9' or 8'x10' works perfectly for this layout.


For larger living rooms, we recommend placing the furniture on top of the rug. For a more grand feeling, make sure the rug is large enough so it frames around the furniture, allowing at least 6” room between the sofa and edge of the rug. Depending on the size of your space, anything from 8'x10' up to 12'x15' are good sizes for this layout.


If you have a large corner-sofa, you can align it with the corner edge of the rug. To create a feeling of balance and harmony - use the rest of the rug as a canvas to style the other furniture, playing with form and asymmetry. The 9'x12' is the best choice in this layout.


For large and open living spaces where you have two sofas facing each other, we recommend making the furniture the focal point by framing the rug around the furniture. Make sure the rug is a generous size so it extends at least 8” around the furniture, and there is still enough distance between the furniture. A rug in 9'x12' or 12'x15' is recommended in this layout.