To help visualise how the rug will look in your room - measure out the size with masking tape on the floor beforehand. This will give you a better sense for how to place your furniture on the rug, and how much space you have to work with.


Large Rug – A large rug is the foundation to a room, and should be used to highlight or compliment the rest of the furniture and decor. The larger the rug, the more spacious and grand the room will feel.

Smaller rug – If you want to create a space within the space, such as a corner seating area or niche - a smaller accent rug is the perfect choice.


The design and colour of the rug will impact how the room feels. If you choose a large rug which is patterned, this will make the room feel bigger and create more of a statement. A solid colour rug on the other hand will act as a backdrop to enhance the furniture and other details of the room.