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Unpack the rug soon after it’s delivered to minimize any creases or pressure marks from being folded or rolled up.


Vacuum regularly but don’t overdo it. Too much vacuuming can wear down the fibers more quickly.

Vacuum on low-power and use the flat nozzle attachment, or setting. Too much power or the wrong vacuum attachments can damage the rug. Do not use a vacuum with a brush, a rotating motor-head or anything that can pull and damage the yarn.


Attend to stains immediately.

Never use harsh chemicals. Avoid bleach, or alkaline household products as they will discolor or damage the fibers.

Avoid rubbing the stains, and be careful not to use too much water.

Dry stains: We recommend scraping with a blunt object like a tablespoon and then vacuum clean the remains. Be careful to not damage the rug fibers.

Wet stains: Absorb as much as possible with a dry paper towel. If needed, dab lightly with a clean undyed cloth, colorless detergent (soap or laundry detergent), and lukewarm water. Be careful not to wet the rug too much, as this can cause the rug to shrink and lose its shape. Never rub the stain, as that can make it worse and damage the fibers.

Use a professional carpet cleaning company if needed.


With a new rug it's normal with some shedding. This should subside after a few weeks.


If a single tuft extends beyond the rug's surface, simply cut it off. Do not pull it.


We recommend that you rotate your rug once in a while to get sunlight and wear on the rug more evenly over time.


Heavy furniture can leave permanent pressure marks.