The epitome of contemporary cool with an eclectic twist. This graphic flat weave rug, crafted from the finest New Zealand wool, effortlessly enhances any space—whether a sleek urban loft or a charming country home.


For the season of days and nights spent under open skies, discover our Jute and outdoor collections.

Rooms Studio X Nordic Knots

Set amidst the historic charm of architectural maestro Auguste Perret’s Parisian residence, the discerning Georgian design duo, Rooms Studio, brought to life Nordic Knots’ Grand Collection - masterfully curating a world through their collection of considered pieces.


Embrace minimalism with our undyed all-wool rugs designed to be a timeless foundation to the modern home.

Spring 2024

Dive into our curated collection of styles, effortlessly blending the soft, natural tones of fall with lively pastels. Experience a seamless transition into the vibrant season ahead.

a new chapter of Campbell–Rey

Nordic Knots continues its creative collaboration with London based design studio Campbell–Rey for a second colorful collection. Reimagining three emblematic rug designs and a curtain in striking new shades, where geometrical patterns are contrasted by dramatic jewel tones and a jolt of chartreuse green in the shape of serpentinous foliage.

The Worldly Elegance Of Park

The Park Collection is the allure of a classic statement piece. Beyond its initial simplicity, the collection reveals true artistry in its woven loops and hand-cut pile. Alluring to the eye, the closer you look, the more intricate it gets.


From the calming blues reminiscent of serene Scandinavian lakes to the rich earthy tones that evoke the warmth of cozy log cabins, our Grand collection offers a spectrum of colors that will not only match your interior but elevate it to new heights.


Step into art where each rug is a canvas for artistic expression — we’ve collaborated with artists worldwide to redefine rugs as true works of art.


The Boho puts a contemporary spin on bohemia, seamlessly blending understated Scandinavian elegance with a free-spirited allure. The dance of textural highs and lows achieves a mesmerizing symmetry, while light and shadows of the undyed wool create a naturally marbled effect.


Through a combination of creativity and historical references, reimagined through a modern lens, we’re pleased to present a collaboration with acclaimed Parisian designer Fabrizio Casiraghi on three exquisite hand-knotted rugs inspired by nature, marking Casiraghi’s textile debut.


With the shift in seasons comes a chance for refreshed routines. We're welcoming the cooler months with a thoughtfully curated selection of items designed to create a warm and inviting ambience at home, perfect for those nights spent with family and friends.

Limited Canvas by Aythamy Armas

Through monochrome layers and rhythmic strokes, the artist Aythamy Armas reimagines his signature artworks onto a hand-knotted canvas made from the highest quality of New Zealand wool.

Debuting Curtains

Celebrating the sanctity of light and its potential to instantly transform a space, we present you with our idea of the perfect curtains.

Summer Styles

Curated pieces for barefoot living. Discover our selection of handmade flatweave rugs imagined for the home away from home, surrounded by beautiful nature. Bringing interior and exterior closer together, with timeless designs in pale pastels and neutral color schemes.

Grand By Garance

Introducing a capsule collection by the French multidisciplinary artist Garance Vallée. Between Parisian avant-garde modernism and ancient Mediterranean influences, she expresses an experimental point of view across architecture, design and art.

Jute Season

A collection of contemporary designs woven with a base of strong undyed jute fibres, with graphic patterns in our signature cream, black and burnt red. Designed to act as a foundation, that beautifully complements other natural materials in the home.

Giancarlo Valle for Nordic Knots

Introducing a collection of rugs designed by the acclaimed architect and interior designer Giancarlo Valle, inspired by his childhood in Latin America and the relentless urge to express himself through sketches and colors.

Let Spring In

It’s that time of year when we want to let the outside, inside, and dress our homes with natural hues that create a light and airy feeling in our homes. A curation of some of our most popular styles for spring.

Introducing Nordic Knots Flagship Store

Enter the doors of an old movie theatre in Stockholm’s design district to find a space that represents the grandeur of classic Swedish design that today is so rarely attributed to the Nordics.

Spring Signatures

This season we are playing with the codes of old world luxury through understated contemporary aesthetics, lush minimalism, and whimsical motives in rich colors.

Introducing Bouclé

Stylistic contradictions imbue the Bouclé collection; textured elegance, lush minimalism, and an emphasis on introducing new classics.


Timeless designs curated for fall. Warming details make all the difference. As the new season takes shape, earthy colors and natural materials take center stage.

The Friends of Form Edit

A Vintage New World. Meeting the duo behind Friends of Form.

Arjé x Nordic Knots

A collection of rugs designed by Bessie Afnaim Corral and Oliver Corral of ARJÉ, inspired by their search for finding home.

Simply A statement

A flatweave wool rug unlike any other. Handmade by artisan weavers with an all-natural undyed merino wool — our softest and highest quality fibre.

Holiday Colors

Here's to a holiday full of color. Rich greens and burnt reds are classic to the season but this year we are adding a touch of warm ochre, a hint of deep blue and a splash of lilac

Tableau x Nordic Knots

Introducing Flower Market, a saturated collection of rugs inspired by the origins of TABLEAU — The Copenhagen flower market.