How long the curtains should be when they are to hang from ceiling to floor depends on the ceiling height of the room and whether you have the opportunity to mount the curtain rail directly on the ceiling or on the walls. Curtains should hang as close to the ceiling as possible to give the room a grand feeling. in other words: The ceiling is the reference point - not the window.

For a rail attached to the ceiling, measure from floor to ceiling + 0.5 inches = Length of your panel

For a rail attached to a wall, measure from floor to upper edge of rail + 0.5 inches = Length of your panel

For a rod attached to the wall, measure from the upper edge of the rod + 0.5 inches = Length of your panel

For a rod attached to the wall with rings, measure from the underside of the rings + 0.5 inches = Length of your panel

We have chosen a fabric made from 100% wool in the highest quality with the softest touch. It’s meant for a generous pleat that gives a rich but light textured addition to any room. For the “Nordic Knots look” we recommend the panels should be wide enough so that when closed there is fullness to them.

Each panel is 102 inches wide and covers 55 inches of wall or window when open (and hooks inserted).

Number of panels:
Measure the width of the window. Take the width times 2 - 2.5. Take that number and divide it by 102.
The result is the number of panels needed.

Total width of the window is 80 inches = 80 x 2.5 = 200 / 102 = (2) 2 panels. Since 2 panels covers 110 inches when pleated.


To achieve the perfect pleated look, assemble the hooks in the following way.

Start by laying out the panel flat. Start from one side and find the hook pockets. Each hook needs four hook pockets, one for each arm.

Count the four needed and lay the hook on the panel. Skip and leave one pocket empty before you count four more for the next one. Keep doing this through the whole panel. When reaching the end of the panel you might find yourself with an uneven number of pockets left. Instead of four, there might be two or three pockets left. That amount works just as well with a four-arm hook.

Begin by inserting the hook arms into the designated pockets. Keep doing this process until you reach the end of the panel. Remember to leave an empty pocket between each hook.

It’s now ready to be hung in your space.

Hang the panel by inserting the metal hooks onto the rails. This will create the perfect pleating effect.

If you have curtain rods instead of rails in your home achieving the perfect pleate is very easy. Simply slide the curtain onto the rod using the rod pockets and you are done.

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