Celebrating the sanctity of light and its potential to instantly transform a space, we present you with our idea of the perfect curtains. An all-wool design of uncompromising quality woven to cherish the light of the changing seasons. Filtering the never setting summer sun, creating a soft and calming shade. Capturing faint winter rays to induce warmth and comfort inside. Tailored with a contemporary vision of understated elegance, bringing structure and depth to a room, ensuring that focus remains on the home which they frame.

Our curtain collection introduces three timeless shades. Discover Pale Sand and Soft Gray – available now – and Perfect White, arriving in January 2024.


Choose from lengths available in 5 cm increments between 240 cm and 400 cm. Alternatively, if you prefer to finish the curtains on-site for a perfect fit to your floors, there is an extra-long unhemmed option (420 cm), ready for installation, with the bottom end left raw for you to hem to your desired length.


We have chosen a fabric made from 100% wool of the highest quality with the softest touch. The panels come in double width to create a generous pleat, providing a rich yet lightly textured addition to any room.

With our universal curtain band and hooks, you can choose to install the curtains with a standard rail or a rod.

The length of the curtains, of course, depends on your ceiling height. For a luxurious look, we recommend the curtains reach the floor. So, if in doubt, opt for longer rather than shorter.