Step into art where each rug is a canvas for artistic expression — we’ve collaborated with artists worldwide to redefine rugs as true works of art.

Introducing our Untitled rug in the luxurious shade of Walnut, the latest addition to our spectrum of art on rugs. Designed with geometric shapes by Danish artist Carsten Beck Nielsen.

Using monochromatic layers and rhythmic brushwork, Aythamy Armas breathes new life into his iconic artworks, translating them onto hand-knotted canvases crafted from the finest New Zealand wool. His creation, "1212/21," births an exclusive series of 59 graphic rugs, each one personally signed by the artist. Drawing inspiration from his distinctive painting methods, these rugs artfully reinterpret his techniques into the world of rug craftsmanship.

”It's a different way of experiencing art in a home,” artist Carsten Beck Nielsen explains. Simple object 18 has been reimagined as a luxurious hand-knotted rug, meticulously crafted with New Zealand wool.