Inside the Mind of Alexander May

Alexander May, the innovative Founder and Creative Director of SIZED, stands as a maestro of aesthetic fusion, seamlessly navigating the realms of fine art, design, and hospitality. Nestled in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, May’s multidisciplinary creative studio offers clients forward-thinking branding, content, and experiential services, while also hosting acclaimed pop-up exhibitions. His personal style, rooted in the influence of brutalist architecture, manifests in tones, textures, industrial materials, and elemental shapes. With a background steeped in fine art, May emerges comfort within clean, gallery-like environments, maintaining an unwavering commitment to a minimalist aesthetic.

Describe who you are, in one sentence

A: I am the Founder and Creative Director of SIZED, a creative studio working across a range of industries including fine art, design, and hospitality.

Where are you based and what do you work with?

A: My studio is based in Los Angeles and I like working with a variety of mediums. Collaboration is at the core of what I do, so the medium varies depending on the project.

How would you describe your style?

A: I am heavily influenced by brutalist architecture – simple tones, textures, industrial materials, and elemental shapes. With my background in fine art, I feel very comfortable in clean, gallery-like environments. So, I stick to a minimalist aesthetic.

What inspires you? Where do you find your inspiration?

A: I find inspiration all over, from marble quarries, to late 80s and 90s interior design books, to construction sites, to 90s runway fashion archives.

What does home mean to you?

A: That’s a complicated question, since I have not spent more than four years living in one city besides New York later in life. Home for me has shifted and changed, and because of that, I find solace in minimalist spaces that act as a blank canvas for my creative needs.

How would you describe your interior style?

A: My interior style has always been rooted in a neutral palette, which allows me to play with scale and texture. I tend to prefer low, simple seating, while elevating unique art and design objects as focal points.

Do you have a favorite object/design piece?

A: It’s always changing, but I still find myself obsessed with Diego Villarreal Vagujhelyi’s work, especially his barbells. Because of their form and utility, I find that they complement every environment.

Any ongoing or interesting upcoming trends you see?

A: I see sterling silver coming back in a big way as an accent material in furniture and collectible home accessories – grandma’s silver is back.

What are you currently working on?

A: I have recently put a lot of energy into our SIZED-branded exhibition series, SIZED SELECTS, which we’ll be bringing to cities around the world over the course of the next year. It’s a special project to complement that client work we do, and we’ll be announcing more information very soon.

Any special interior tips or advice you can share with us?

A: I always find it important to neutralize a space by starting with an all white palette for the walls and ceiling, and then addressing core elements before expounding.

Which is your favorite Nordic Knots rug, and where would you use it?

A: I love the Grand in Walnut. It grounds my living room and perfectly complements the black leather seating I have throughout the space.