Design Dialogues: Navigating 2024 Trends with Monument Store

In the dynamic world of design, staying ahead means understanding the intricate dance of form and function. Join us in this series as we converse with Monument Store's Leah Forsyth-Steel and Victoria Spicer. Their unique insights reveal a shift to stainless steel, a commitment to slow collecting, and a love for the Grand plush range by Nordic Knots. Step into their design philosophy and discover how they navigate the evolving trends defining interiors in 2024.

What design trends do you predict will dominate interiors in 2024?

MS: Since 2020-23, we've observed a shift from comfort-focused, densely layered interiors (a time when everyone was spending a lot of time at home) to a more minimal, refined look. In 2024, we're experiencing an influx of requests for stainless steel and aluminum, creating a striking contrast to softer, warmer tones.

How do these trends align with your personal design philosophy?

MS: Generally, we aim to ensure that our personal design philosophies are not trend-driven. We strongly believe in long-term investments, slow and considered collecting, to build homes that reflect our personal styles. Both of our homes showcase our eclectic tastes, incorporating various materials, including metal pieces. Additionally, we have both been interested in paring back our personal collections to create space for our pieces to breathe and establish calmer atmospheres.

Can you share a specific project or concept that embodies your 2024 design predictions?

MS: We’re currently working on a sourcing project for a brand that references Shiro Kuramata’s work for Issey Miyake, incorporating a pared-back use of steel and mesh. There is a quiet drama in its simplicity.

What Nordic Knots rug would you pair with the envisioned trend, and why?

MS: We’re big fans of the Grand plush range. The thick pile is a pleasure to live with under your feet, while the single, striking colors (like Moss, as pictured in Leah’s home) act as a canvas for curated pieces, tying the room together.