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The Grid Collection.

A grand room with skylight and rugs styled in an artful way
The Grid Collection.

The Grid Collection is bringing us back to our beginnings, the grid design was one of our first but was never put into production due to it being considered too simple, too minimal. However, over the years, our founders have been continuously drawn back to the imperative design, realizing that the grid is the base of everything.

A grand room with skylight and rugs styled in an artful way
The Grid design in Dusty White/Black.

A design necessity to guide between compositions, proportions, and space, the grid is the starting point of many things, just as it was for us: a gridded notebook waiting for ideas; on an engineer’s blueprint; in the camera viewfinder; it was the grid that aided Leonardo da Vinci to create the Vitruvian Man and Golden Ratio.

Grid Chestnut in a beautiful modern setting
The Grid rug in Chestnut/Black styled with brutalist contemporary pieces.

Even the most skilled architects start out with a simple grid: a base that develops into beautiful structures and spaces. Photographed in a 1924 neoclassical building in Copenhagen, where the architect’s grid is still so present, the new rug collection reflects its striking surroundings. In the main courtyard, a grid is created by the marble corridors and pillars, the tiled floor, and the tall glass ceiling; it was these prominent features that proved to us that a grid can also be a hero design, not just a starting point.

The majestic space was styled by Copenhagen-based collector Nicolai Hecht. Hecht paired the new rugs with furniture and objects by contemporary minimalist designers Rick Owens, August Hugo, Studio Henry Wilson, and Rue Verte among others. Hecht opted for designs with a distinct raw and brutalist aesthetic, made from solid bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum. The bold objects beautifully juxtapose the minimalist soft rugs as well as the grand scale and classical lines of the building.

Grid Dusty White/Cream infront of a marble statue.
The Dusty White/Cream colorway.

Photo: Irina Boersma


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