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A celebration of tradition and craftsmanship.

Stitches in almost black styled with contemporary, black furniture in a beautiful bright room.
The minimalist Stitches design styled with modern furniture in solid wood.

The Stitches collection is handcrafted with artisan techniques. Woven in panels that are stitched together by hand. Horizontal fringes beautifully frame the rug’s long edges and give a distinct expression to the otherwise minimalist flatweave design.

Stitches in Old White displayed under a wooden dinner table on a sunny day.
Stitches in Old White styled with mid-century furniture by Axel Einar Hjorth.
Flatweave rug Stitches in color indigo. Styled with a ivory white armchair, a checkered side table and wooden coffee table.
The Stitches design in Indigo.
Close up of Stitches flat weave in old white
The Old White colorway.

Photo: Osman Tahir


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