A collection signed Giancarlo Valle.

Introducing a collection of rugs designed by the acclaimed architect and interior designer Giancarlo Valle, inspired by his childhood in Latin America and the relentless urge to express himself through sketches and colors.

The collection consists of four pieces in impeccably soft New Zealand wool. The motifs, at once ornate and organic, are inspired by the hand painted furniture of Valle’s family home in Guatemala City. Exploring touchpoints with Nordic folklore art and a shared emotional connection to color, each piece is conceptualized in dialogue between cultures and memories.

”A home to me is about framing life. This collection was a chance to explore something very personal—to reconnect with the idea of painting and sketching from my childhood. The sketches are a way of working, creating a language, a way of talking through visuals. These rugs celebrate that very existential urge of self-expression.”


The collection was photographed at Ol Anders Hälsingegård, a World Heritage-listed 16th century farmhouse in Hälsingland, a Swedish region known for its rustic architecture and expressive folk interiors with flourishing hand-painted murals and wallpapers.