A collection of rugs designed by Bessie Afnaim Corral and Oliver Corral of ARJÉ, inspired by their search for finding home.

"The concept of home is a deeply significant one for practically every human being. Some of us have always known what it is, some have found it after a long search, while others are still looking".

Uniting fashion, art, furniture, decor, design, and cuisine, ARJÉ taps into their cultural curiosity working with artisans and makers who share a philosophy of collaboration and never-ending inspiration. The rug collection combines the warm and vibrant Mediterranean aesthetic with the sharp, understated coolness of the Nordics. Merging old-world richness with contemporary minimalism.

Two rugs, each one reflect different aspects of their search for home. Face, a shaggy design in a rich, sunny shade of warm ochre, represents the idea that every person carries a home within themselves, accessible only to them. Family, a soft cut-pile design in Antique White, is designed to suggest the home you can form with others and the peculiar comfort of finding the people whose idea of home matches your own. Both rug motifs are inspired by the work of Cubist artists and their abstract and fragmented expression and are made complete with a unique, collaborative symbol, influenced by cave engravings: a combination of the ARJÉ eye and the knot of Nordic Knots.

Bessie Afnaim Corral and Oliver Corral.
The husband-and-wife duo behind ARJÉ.

ARJÉ x Nordic Knots

3D-bilder av konstnären Nicholas Préaud skapar en drömvärld som, precis som mattesignerna, syftar till att förena den nordiska minimalismen med den medelhavsvarmen. En drömt utopi som är emblematisk för ARJÉ x Nordic Knots Collection: ett nytt sorts hem som bara väntar på att skapas.