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Boho, a shaggy minimalist design.

Our new design Boho combines different artisan techniques to create a rug with a geometric pattern inspired by the linear limestone steps of the grand stairs to the many historic Stockholm buildings. A walk through the city from Östermalm to Gamla Stan will reveal the design process and inspiration. 

The design is textured to the eye, yet soft to touch. With an all-natural, undyed European wool, no colour has been used to create the pattern. Instead contrast is achieved by combining a flat-woven canvas with an extruding plush hand-knotted pile. Knot-by-knot the rugs are made slowly — the artisan way — making the minimalist design durable to last over time with a beautifully raw bohemian aesthetic. Finding inspiration in hard, raw and, sometimes, rugged shapes and translating those into something soft, warm and comfortable, through the use of textiles, is a returning and overarching theme for the brand.

The new rug design was photographed in the contemporary art gallery Färgfabriken, a former colour factory, located in the industrial area of Lövholmen in south Stockholm. Färgfabriken offered an artful, bright, and minimal setting where the new designs and their patterns could be in focus and elevated against the white floors.

Photo: Ragnar Omarsson

Boho in Cream Mix.

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