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Art you can walk on.

A new collection of hand-knotted wool rugs designed in collaboration with Danish artist Carsten Beck Nielsen.  

The new Nordic Knots collection Art on Rugs consists of three works of art – Simple object 11, Simple object 18 and Connection – which have been carefully selected and translated into rugs. 

“It’s a different way of experiencing art in a home”, says the artist Carsten Beck Nielsen. “It’s fascinating to see how different an artwork is experienced when it’s on the floor rather than on the wall.”

Carsten Beck Nielsen in his studio in Aalborg, Denmark

Born and raised in a small town outside Aalborg in Denmark, Nielsen has always been fascinated with drawing. “Growing up I found inspiration in photographs of buildings and architecture as well as mathematical equations and curves,” he explains. “But the last six years I’ve mainly been focusing on geometric shapes and objects on paper and canvas.”

Nielsen has a background in print-making and photography and from his studio in Aalborg he creates artworks as well as illustrations. The self-taught artist’s work is sold in both Denmark and around the world. 

What was the inspiration behind the work Connection, Simple Object 11 and Simple Object 18? 

”The Simple Object collection was my first series working with objects and lines, so it means a lot to me. I love the balance between the shapes and figures, I find it very fascinating. The Connect art print is one of my first pieces of drawing work using a pencil. I work on canvas and matte art paper, and sometimes I do computer illustrations. My illustration work is separated from my other work and can be found on

Simple Object 18
Simple Object 11

Where do you live and work today? 

”My home and studio in Aalborg is a very calm and peaceful place, where I can work and be creative, and also relax. I love to be surrounded by midcentury design and modern art, and I always try to live with my own work before I sell it. I like to see it and try it in a living environment and see how it affects a space.”

Connection – In the home of Carsten Beck Nielsen.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Nordic Knots?

”I love Nordic Knots rugs and the craftsmanship behind them, and I found it interesting to see whether an art piece could be translated to a rug. How the fine lines of a drawing are woven into a plush wool texture and how that changes the perception of the art is interesting. This is art that you can really experience, put your feet on and feel the artwork, every day in your home. I found that aspect really intriguing about this project. It ended up being a very pleasing collaboration”

Photo: Mike Karlsson Lundgren


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