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Enter the modernist world of Garance Vallée

We recently collaborated with Garance Vallée on a three piece collection and wanted to know more about the Parisian artist’s practice. We spoke with the Parisian artist and architect about how her upbringing has influenced her work, the importance of creating with function in mind and the meaning of home. READ MORE arrow icon


Celebrating Life’s Small Pleasures with Casa Balandra

Guest house and creative residency Casa Balandra in Mallorca is run by sister duo Claudia and Isabella del Olmo. Run from their family home, Claudia and Isabella have created a space that’s built on the foundation of ‘la buena vida’ – celebrating the simple but significant moments. READ MORE arrow icon


An evening with Giancarlo Valle and friends

Earlier this week we celebrated our collaboration with renowned designer Giancarlo Valle. Held at Valle’s studio in New York, we toasted to the collection with friends - both old and new. READ MORE arrow icon


Buying Once and Buying Well: Meet Monument Store

London-based Monument Store is the brainchild of creatives Leah Forsyth-Steel and Victoria Spicer. We spoke with founder Leah about their approach to curation, advice for sourcing vintage pieces and the key ingredients for a great interior. READ MORE arrow icon


Meet the hands of the maker- Giancarlo Valle for Nordic Knots

Step inside the wonderful world of Studio Giancarlo Valle at his New York atelier. A short story about the inspiration, creation, and happy accident behind the Giancarlo Valle for Nordic Knots Collection. READ MORE arrow icon


Enter the creative universe of artist Cassi Namoda

Cassi Namoda is a contemporary Mozambican artist based in Massachusetts, US. READ MORE arrow icon


Explore the lavish world of artist Gergei Erdei

Gergei Erdei is a creative specialising on interior decor who recently styled the Grand collection in his London-apartment. READ MORE arrow icon


Inside the eclectic pad of Frederick Egan Castleberry

Fashion designer F.E. Castleberry blurs the line between opulence and playfulness with his bold use of color and mishmash of references and muses. READ MORE arrow icon


Nordic Knots by ARJÉ.

A collection of rugs designed by Bessie Afnaim Corral and Oliver Corral of ARJÉ, inspired by their search for finding home. Uniting fashion, art, furniture, decor, design, and cuisine, ARJÉ taps into their cultural curiosity by working with artisans and makers who share a philosophy of collaboration and never-ending inspiration. The rug collection combines the warm and vibrant Mediterranean aesthetic with the sharp, understated coolness of the Nordics. Merging old-world richness with contemporary minimalism. READ MORE arrow icon


Maximum impact with a minimalist design.

The River design references the river that divides the snow-clad landscape with its beautifully curved shoreline in the Dalarna region of Sweden. The bold contrast between the woven canvas in Almost Black and the hand-knotted light pile creates a statement that is both uncomplicated and effortless. A shaggy rug that makes an impact with a simple design. READ MORE arrow icon


A celebration of tradition and craftsmanship.

The Stitches collection is handcrafted with artisan techniques. Woven in panels that are stitched together by hand. Horizontal fringes beautifully frame the rug's long edges and give a distinct expression to the otherwise minimalist flatweave design. READ MORE arrow icon


Shared comfort.

The All Wool Throw is a timeless design in high-quality wool for lasting comfort that is meant to be shared. For this Valentine's Day, Copenhagen-based photographer Sara Stenfeldt explores this theme of ‘shared comfort’ with families and friends in various constellations. READ MORE arrow icon


Timeless elegance with a park view.

The Park Collection was created for the homes where the most important statement piece is the attention to every detail. From the 19th century penthouses overlooking Humlegården in Stockholm to the grand residences of New York City’s Park Avenue. Similarly, the Park Collection is all about the details. At a first glance, a simple design with a subtle expression. At a closer look, the craft of the woven loops and hand-cut pile creates a rich sophisticated texture. Paired ... READ MORE arrow icon


The Grid Collection.

The minimalist Grid Collection is bringing us back to our beginnings, the grid design was one of our first but was never put into production due to it being considered too simple, too minimal. However, over the years, our founders have been continuously drawn back to the imperative design, realising that the grid is the base of everything. READ MORE arrow icon


New shaggy rugs inspired by an ancient design.

On the southern tip of Skåne, 59 raised boulders are arranged in a 67 meter-long outline with views over the region’s grassland, rolling fields, and the Baltic Sea. The ‘Ale’s Stones’, most likely erected in the 5th century towards the end of the Nordic Iron Age, and its surrounding landscape has inspired the collections Monolith and Fields. READ MORE arrow icon


Rug life!

Our Garden Maze and Stripes designs are featured in The Sunday Times Style alongside commentary from our co-founder Liza Laserow. READ MORE arrow icon


The Garden Maze rug is en vogue!

The Garden Maze rug from our new collection with Campbell-Rey is on the Vogue editors' shopping list for fall. READ MORE arrow icon


The Campbell-Rey collection on Vogue Scandinavia.

Excited to have our collection with Campbell-Rey featured on Vogue Scandinavia. READ MORE arrow icon


Campbell-Rey for Nordic Knots on T List.

Proud that our new collection with Campbell-Rey was included on New York Times' T List: Five Things We Recommend This Week. READ MORE arrow icon


A colorful collection by Campbell-Rey.

Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey of the London-based design studio Campbell-Rey have created a colorful and exclusive collection of three hand-knotted rugs for Nordic Knots. The collection merges Campbell-Rey's bold, maximalist, and art deco-influenced sensibility with traditional Scandinavian patterns of the Gustavian era. READ MORE arrow icon


Co-founder Liza Laserow on Citizen Femme.

Nordic Knots' co-founder Liza Laserow talked rugs and interior design together with Citizen Femme. READ MORE arrow icon


A new Boho!

Our popular Boho rug is here in the new undyed shade Gray Mix. The geometric pattern is inspired by the grand limestone steps of historic Stockholm buildings and its textured appearance is enhanced by the beautiful natural coloration of the wool yarn. READ MORE arrow icon


It is hip to be Square!

Our popular Square design is here in the new colors Cream/Sand and Green/Black. A classic design that gives a sophisticated first and lasting impression. The soft color combination is easy to decorate with and hard not to love. READ MORE arrow icon


Modern in TABLEAU Blue.

Introducing a limited edition colorway of our iconic Modern design in collaboration with Julius Værnes Iversen, founder of the flower studio TABLEAU in Copenhagen. Julius chose the signature hue of TABLEAU for this collaboration; an electric blue color. READ MORE arrow icon


The Art Deco collection on Sight Unseen.

Sight Unseen interviewed our co-founder Liza Laserow about our new collection Art Deco and the inspiration behind it; the Swedish Grace movement from the 1920s. READ MORE arrow icon


Art Deco. Inspired by Swedish Grace.

Art Deco is a new rug collection inspired by the geometric architecture and rich colors of the Swedish Grace era. A significant Scandinavian design movement that drew inspiration from neoclassicism and art deco. The result is a bold yet elegant collection that is as timeless as the beautiful 1920s buildings that can still be found around Stockholm today. READ MORE arrow icon


New colors in Jute.

Our Jute rugs Edge and Cross are here in the new colors Cream and Black. A rustic minimalist design, woven in durable all-natural plant fibers, for the modern home or summerhouse. READ MORE arrow icon


Art on Rugs. The Second Edition.

Introducing 'Untitled', our second edition of Art on Rugs in collaboration with Danish contemporary artist Carsten Beck Nielsen. For this rug collection Beck Nielsen ‘paints’ geometric shapes with a shaggy hand-knotted wool pile on a flat-woven canvas. The two handmade wool rugs or 'walkable art', both based on his original artworks ‘Untitled 01’ and ‘Untitled 02’, are inspired by different geometric and mathematical forms. READ MORE arrow icon


Shaggy rugs in new soft colors.

Two new soft and neutral colors are also added to the existing shaggy collections Fjord and Archipelago, both inspired by our Scandinavian surroundings. The shapes in Fjord were inspired by the Norwegian narrow coastal inlets with its steep cliffs created by glaciers. Archipelago mirrors the rocky cluster of islands around Stockholm, seen from above. READ MORE arrow icon


Boho, a shaggy minimalist design.

Boho combines different artisan techniques to create a rug with a geometric pattern inspired by the linear limestone steps of the grand stairs to the many historic Stockholm buildings. A walk through the city from Östermalm to Gamla Stan will reveal the design process and inspiration. READ MORE arrow icon


The greatest gift is the feeling of home.

During the holiday season each year, and especially this year, creating a beautiful and comfortable home for yourself or loved ones is more important than ever. We believe that one of the greatest gifts is a gift of home, a gift to contribute to that safe and comfortable place we all hold so dear. We created this oversized gift of home, wrapped in our popular LUX 2 rug in the color Oatmeal, together with the Stockholm-based creative studio Ray Atelier. The ... READ MORE arrow icon


Vogue Holiday gift guide.

Proud to be mentioned on Vogue as one of all the small businesses to support this season and to have our Nordic Knots x El Rey Wool Blanket included in this Holiday gift guide. READ MORE arrow icon


Our Fjord rug in Oprah!

“You get a rug!” Grateful to have our Fjord rug featured in the November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. READ MORE arrow icon


LUX 2 in colorful colors!

The popular LUX is here in three new colorful colors; Leo, Dusty Apricot, and Petroleum. Nordic Knots collaborated with the Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary art, design, and flower concept studio TABLEAU on creating artful and conceptual installations containing vivid flowers, modern decor, and the colorful LUX rugs. READ MORE arrow icon


Zero. Zero dye. Zero design.

Introducing nothing! Zero, our new line of flatweave rugs, is a tribute to the most natural feeling and appearance of wool. Our founders began exploring with different patterns and colors but instead decided to let the material speak for itself. With zero design and zero dye, they created the Zero collection. Each rug is woven out of the highest quality New Zealand wool and the secret behind each of the five colors is simply different coloured sheep. READ MORE arrow icon


Nordic Knots x El Rey Court.

When renovating the lobby and guest rooms of the hotel El Rey Court in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jay Carroll came across Nordic Knots. The rugs' minimal patterns and colors felt perfectly at home with El Rey's updated modern design set to the adobe architecture of the buildings. To further that perfect pairing, we partnered up on a collaboration using one of the guest room murals as the graphic pattern for this beautiful handwoven wool blanket. READ MORE arrow icon


From our home to yours

During the month of May we traveled around Sweden and Denmark to some of the places that are most special to us. Places where we grew up, where we go for a morning swim during the summer months and have a special place in our hearts. All the places we proudly call home.  These places with their light, colors and patterns have inspired many of our designs.  Part of what drives us is that with ... READ MORE arrow icon


Art you can walk on.

A new collection of hand-knotted wool rugs designed in collaboration with Danish artist Carsten Beck Nielsen.   The new Nordic Knots collection Art on Rugs consists of three works of art - Simple object 11, Simple object 18 and Connection - which have been carefully selected and translated into rugs.  “It’s a different way of experiencing art in a home”, says the artist Carsten Beck Nielsen. "It's fascinating to see how different an artwork is experienced when it’s on the floor ... READ MORE arrow icon


Stay home (all day) guilt free! Introducing The Grand Collection. Made from recycled PET plastic making it both really soft for your feed and better for the environment. It also gives it a soft silky shine that creates a grand hotel like feeling at home. So you can walk, sit, lie, or dance around on a colourful, plush, rug all day. With a good conscience. The Grand Collection is available now, in four colors to add the perfect shade of 'hotel feeling' ... READ MORE arrow icon


WSJ Gift Guide

Get your gifting on! Honoured to be featured in this holidays most stylish gift guide in the WSJ. READ MORE arrow icon


In Residence

Co-Founder Liza Laserow in the latest issue of Swedish Residence. Talking about how it all started, what inspires her, and the new Dunes Collection. READ MORE arrow icon


AD Mag, Germany

Another feature with Tiger Blue. It's quickly becoming one of our most famous rugs. We'll have to watch out for it starting to behave like a rock star... READ MORE arrow icon


Tiger Blue in Wallpaper

Love seeing our bright blue Tiger rug in this beautiful and bold constructivist wallpaper spread.  READ MORE arrow icon


Domino Magazine Spring Issue

Very happy to see our colourful Modern Collection to be featured in the spring color issue of Domino. Pick up a copy and take a look, there are some other really fabulous and colourful things there too. It's hard not to want it all... READ MORE arrow icon


Interior Design Magazine

Thank you Interior Design Magazine for including our new Modern collection in your latest issue. READ MORE arrow icon


Featured in The Huffington Post

Read about who we are, how we work, and how the beautiful architecture of Stockholm inspired our designs.  Read the article here > READ MORE arrow icon


Introducing new plush designs

These are our plushest rugs yet! Our cut-pile rugs are hand made with 100% New Zealand wool for great quality and a soft feel. The design is inspired by the classic elegance of mid century art and design. Comes in 3 designs and several different colours. READ MORE arrow icon


Featured on Remodelista

We are very flattered that Remodelista wrote an article about us and our rugs. Have a read how our Scandinavian designed rugs can give your home a nautical vibe.  READ MORE arrow icon


17 On-the-rise Designers You Should Know...

Very pleased to be featured on Architectural Digest amongst some other great up and coming designers who are also exhibiting at the AD Design show this year. It's March 16-19 on pier 92 & 94, come see us in booth 333. READ MORE arrow icon


Elle Decor, 'What's Hot'...

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset ...our rugs, that's what's hot! We are very proud to have our Tiger rug featured in the 'What's Hot' list in the 2017 Jan/Feb issue of Elle Decor. It's out in news stands now. Go get it! READ MORE arrow icon


On the Vogue Wish List

Happy to see our Nordic Knots Pink Stripes Rug being picked for the Black Friday Wish List. READ MORE arrow icon


Classic patterns in modern settings

We love seeing our rugs in beautiful homes. This home belongs to a young couple in the West Village, New York. It's a great example of how our minimal classic patterns and timeless color-ways are a great complement to modern furniture and contemporary art. READ MORE arrow icon


Featured in The Last Magazine

Very honored to be featured in the September 16 issue of The Last Magazine READ MORE arrow icon


Rugs in a Swedish castle

A couple of weeks back we visited Öveds Manor in the south of Sweden. We think our timeless patterns look fabulous in this royal surrounding.  READ MORE arrow icon


Stripes of summer

We love summer and in the summer we love south of Sweden where the water is cool, the sky has that perfect shade of blue and shoes are made of wood. READ MORE arrow icon


Rugs in the making

Woven by hand in India with 100% New Zeeland wool for a durable quality and soft feel. READ MORE arrow icon


Thanks for the great response!

We really appreciate the warm response since our launch. We will do everything we can to get the rugs to you all as soon as possible. Thank you! Below you can see some recent photos from a beautiful home by the sea in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm. READ MORE arrow icon


See our rugs live


Open for preorders!

We are excited to tell you that we are now open for preorders. We have a limited number of rugs for sale in on our first batch so dont wait to long. The delivey time is an approximate since they are all handmade.Thanks for the interest! / Nordic Knots READ MORE arrow icon

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