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Simply A Statement


Simply A Statement

Close up of the merino yarn used to create the Merino rug.

The Merino.

A flatweave wool rug unlike any other. Handmade by artisan weavers with an all-natural undyed merino wool — our softest and highest quality fibre.

The natural merino yarn has a dusty warm shade of white that will beautifully complement other natural materials such as wood, stone and concrete. It’s an austere design but with a lot of attention to the details. The elegant trimmed edge and the tied up merino fringes in each corner gives it a Scandi-Bohemian aesthetic that makes it; simply a statement.

The Merino rug laying in a sunny living room of a beautiful Copenhagen apartment.


Flatweave Wool Rug

From $1,195

The Merino rug laying in a sunny Copenhagen apartment. Next to it is a piedestal with an urn on top of it.
The Merino rug in the living room of a sunny Copenhagen apartment.

Merino Throw

Wool Throw

From $245

Close up of the Merino rug in a bedroom.
A light bedroom, styled with cozy bedding and a merino throw. Under the bed is a Merino rug.
A rolled up Merino rug standing next to a hanging Merino throw in front of a white wall.

The Merino Collection.

Release date: August 17th

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