Invite the essence of serenity by welcoming minimalistic and functional design into your home. Our Zero and Dunes rugs offer a symphony of neutral hues, ranging from creamy whites to warm grays, infusing sophistication into any space.

The Zero collection embraces an ethos of simplicity and purity, with a design that celebrates the inherent qualities of wool in its unadulterated form. Free from dyes, it showcases the natural variations in wool, with five distinct shades reflecting the diversity of sheep hues. This collection embodies true minimalism while exuding a sense of uniqueness and refinement.

Dunes prioritizes the luxurious feel of its materials. Crafted from voluminous yarns derived from New Zealand wool, it boasts an irresistibly soft texture. Woven in a melange of natural shades, it achieves a rich marbled appearance, marrying traditional craftsmanship with minimalistic elegance. This fusion of elements lends each piece in the Dunes collection a contemporary grandeur.