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Tableau x Nordic Knots


Tableau x Nordic Knots

Colorful cutpile rug Noise hanging in an industrial space styled with big amounts of flowers around it.

Introducing Flower Market, a saturated collection of rugs inspired by the origins of TABLEAU — The Copenhagen flower market.

With flowers stacked in large quantities, the market can almost be seen as one big installation. The rugs, or ‘woven images’ are created from digital distorted pictures of a flower installation. With repetition being a recurring theme for Tableau, here reusing their own work recreating an image of an installation as a woven piece of art. Using fringes in an unconventional way frames the colorful canvas in an unmistakably Tableau way.

The rugs are woven by hand, knot-by-knot, and only available in limited quantities.

Tableau - Blur

Shaggy Wool Rug

From €995

Close up of Blurry, a shaggy blue and yellow rug with an abstract pattern.
Photo of a large flower installations consisting of pink, yellow and blue flowers as well as Monstera leaves.

Photographed at the flower market in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photographer Micheal Rygaard.

Close up of colorful rug Noise.

Tableau - Noise

Plush Wool Rug

From €995

Dramatic close up of colorful Noise rug. Around it are multiple blue and red flowers.
Two Noise rugs laying on the back of a truck, styled with lots of flowers.
Close up shot of colorful rug Noise hanging in an industrial setting. In front of it are multiple blue and pink flowers.
Multiple rolled up rugs laying on a steel cart in an industrial space.

The Tableau x Nordic Knots Flower Market Collection.

Release date: 16th of June.

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