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Modern in TABLEAU Blue.

Modern in color Tableau Blue displayed in the colorful and creative Copenhagen home of Julius Værnes Iversen.
The new Modern rug in the home of TABLEAU founder Julius Værnes Iversen.

We have created a limited edition colourway of our iconic Modern design in collaboration with Julius Værnes Iversen, founder of the flower studio TABLEAU in Copenhagen. Julius chose the signature hue of TABLEAU for this collaboration; a bold and vivid electric blue.

In Conversation with TABLEAU founder Julius Værnes Iversen.

Describe who you are, in one sentence? 
​Controlled chaos. 

How come you started TABLEAU? What sparked the idea?
I wanted to create a gallery for flowers. I had the urge to showcase flowers in a minimalistic universe where they are showcased side by side with art and design. The flower industry has somehow always been seen as more archaic and old-fashioned than other creative industries and I believe that botanicals deserve a place in the spotlight. 

The electric blue colour of the limited edition Modern rug is also the brand colour of TABLEAU, what compels you about this particular colour?
The electric blue colour seems very attractive to me. It’s intriguing because of its vivid and almost unnatural colour. Generally, I like working with contrasts and the electric blue colour is the best contrast colour that’s available to flowers since it doesn’t exist within the natural colour palette of botanicals. 

Any particular reason you chose the Modern design for your brand colour? 
I like the graphical and geometric design of the rug. The white cubes stand out beautifully as a sharp contrast against the electric blue. 

A close up of the Modern rug in TABLEAU Blue.

Where is your home?
I live in central Copenhagen – just next to TABLEAU.

What makes your home, home?
We use our home. We live in a place where art and design are a part of our everyday life and we use all of our objects, furniture, art pieces, and necessities every day. Therefore you will experience a home where objects are often moved around and used for different purposes. For instance, I very often use the rug to lay on it so it has somehow become a piece of furniture in my home. I like laying there reading magazines. 

Any tips on how to style the limited edition Modern rug in a home?
Use it as a spark of colour. I like living in a contemporary space where colour is welcomed. Living with colour gives you a better and more positive mindset in my opinion. 

How would you describe your style in general?
Eclectic. Like controlled chaos. I love using vibrant colours and combinations of textures to create an interesting and contemporary feel to a physical space.

Modern in color Tableau Blue displayed in the colorful and creative Copenhagen home of Julius Værnes Iversen.
The eclectic and colourful home of TABLEAU founder Julius Værnes Iversen

What inspires you? How and where do you find inspiration right now?
I find inspiration everywhere. I love using already existing materials for new designs so just taking a walk to the hardware store can for me be interesting. My inspiration also comes from nature. Seeing how trees can grow, or flowers blossom can be a big source of inspiration to my designs. 

Any interesting trends you see currently in interior design, flowers, art?
I believe that the trend within the world of interior and flowers are very vibrant at the moment. People do not seem as afraid of colours as they have been in the last decades. Exotic flowers are really getting back in the game and so are very colourful art pieces and designs. 

What are you currently working on? 
We are currently working on a full Spacial Design for an upcoming therapeutic studio called POST SERVICE. The studio’s focus is to help people in grief and we have to design the entire space with that in mind. We have chosen to complete the entire space with collaborations with various artists, so every piece of furniture will be produced in collaborations. It’s quite exciting and we can’t wait to show it during 3daysofdesign in September.


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