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Art Deco. Inspired by Swedish Grace.

Art Deco Brown Rug in a beautiful studio office with antique furniture.
Art Deco 2 in Brown.

Art Deco is a new rug collection inspired by the geometric architecture and rich colours of the Swedish Grace era. A significant Scandinavian design movement that drew inspiration from neoclassicism and art deco. The result is a bold yet elegant collection that is as timeless as the beautiful 1920s buildings that can still be found around Stockholm today.

Much like the iconic architecture of that time, the new rugs play with shapes — breaking the convention of the symmetrical and rectangular rug. The two Art Deco rugs are hand-knotted in complementary, deep colours to create a fine and abstract pattern with lots of detail and beautiful imperfections.

The Art Deco collection is accompanied by Rain. A minimalist flatweave line in our signature colours; Dusty White, Teal, and Beige. Art Deco is intended to function as a solitaire with breathing space. Meanwhile, the Rain collection works as a complement that discreetly picks up the rich colours of the Art Deco rugs.

Photo: Osman Tahir

Close up of the Art Deco rug in Blue.
Shadow play on the Art Deco 1 rug.
Close up of the Art Deco rug in Brown.
Rain in Beige paired with the Art Deco 2 rug.
Art Deco Blue Rug in a beautiful studio office with antique furniture.

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