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A colourful collection by Campbell-Rey.

Garden Maze rug displayed in a pretty ornamented room with an array of furniture.
Garden Maze was inspired by the formal gardens of Russel Page.

Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey of the London based design studio Campbell-Rey have created a colourful and exclusive collection of three hand-knotted rugs for Nordic Knots. The collection merges Campbell-Rey’s bold, maximalist, and art deco-influenced sensibility with traditional Scandinavian patterns of the Gustavian era. 

An interest in the intersection of the natural world and garden motifs is also at the heart of the rug collection. Werner’s Nomenclature, an enchanting taxonomy of colours in the natural world first published in 1814, has been a central source of inspiration for the collaboration. Gustavian style, the Swedish take on French neoclassicism dating back to the 1780s, also plays its part in the collection’s aesthetic with motifs like the wreath and the folding ribbon.

Photo: Anders Kylberg

Folded Ribbon rug displayed in a gorgeous library.
The Folding Ribbon rug photographed in the library of a 17th-century palace in Stockholm.
The Campbell Rey x Nordic Knots collection displayed in a bright room with large windows.
The Campbell-Rey x Nordic Knots collection.
Climbing Vine displayed in an amazing ornamented room together with sheep fur armchairs.
The wreath is a traditional motif of the Gustavian era and it’s present in the design of the lilac Climbing Vine rug.

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